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Have you spent any time in the job market lately and thought…


Why aren't I getting any responses to my resumes?
So many companies, too little time, where do I start?
I'm overwhelmed by the Internet job sites, which ones are best for my situation? 
Why are these Headhunters so helpful initially and then disappear? 
I'm still employed, how can I conduct an effective and confidential job search?
What is going on behind the scenes in HR? Do they really have me on file?
I'm getting an offer…how can I get the most they can afford to pay? 

JobSearchSOLUTIONS provides coaching and guidance to individuals who are in career transition and are looking for a substantial leg up on the competition in the daunting and crowded job market.


The techniques and methods used in the JobSearch Solutions program are non-traditional, "out of the box" and highly effective because they are based on the "in the trenches" experience of a seasoned former Headhunter, Corporate Recruiter and Corporate Staffing Manager.


We partner closely with our clients, providing one-on-one, practical job search guidance using a comprehensive suite of tools and methodologies developed to better position yourself when responding to job postings and more importantly tap into the pot of gold called the "hidden job market".


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